Proposed Bylaw change

At our Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, May 30, we will be proposing the following change to our Association Bylaws.  This change will broaden the geographical area for Trail Association membership.

Amend Clause 5a as follows: a. Any individual or family wishing to be a voting member of the society must reside in the boundaries of Nova Scotia as follows: Halifax Regional Council Districts 11, 12 and 13 and Municipality of Chester Districts 1 and 2 and who upholds the objectives of the Society and contributes to the support of the Society an amount to be determined annually at the General Meeting. Such members will uphold the membership designation of “Associate Member”. In the case of a family membership, the family will be entitled to just one vote. There will be no proxy voting. Amend Clause 23 as follows: 23. Any Associate Member of the Society shall be eligible to be elected as a director of the society. A minimum of 2/3 of the directors must reside within the boundaries of Halifax Regional District 13.

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