A Friendly Reminder of Trail Rules and Courtesy

With the arrival of the good weather, we’re seeing more and more people out enjoying the Trail.
Please remember the pandemic safety guidelines and respect your fellow trail users.
We want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Trail volunteers and Conservation Officers with Environment and Climate Change performed trail patrols over the holiday weekend. We encountered dozens of cyclists, walkers, OHV’s and even a few horses. Most trail users were respectful of the trail, other users, and the trail rules.

However Conservation Officers did lay charges for non-compliance, and our trail volunteers experienced some behaviour that is not in keeping with our trail rules and regulations.

We would like to remind all users of the following rules:

  • If on an ATV ensure you have a helmet , registration and insurance and keep speed at 20kmh
  • If on a bicycle, ensure you wear a helmet , a bike bell and 20 kmh speed limit
  • If walking with a dog, keep on leash and please carry waste home ( Pack in Pack out )
  • If on a horse , stay to one side vs the middle of trail 
  • Wheels yield to heels 

These rules are for the safety and enjoyment of all trail users.