About us – our amazing community-based volunteer organization

Meet the team

The St. Margaret’s Bay Area Trail is maintained and managed by The St. Margaret’s Bay Area Rails to Trail Association, a community-based volunteer organization dedicated to ensuring the beauty and safety of the Trail for all users to share and enjoy. It’s only through their continued hard work that the Trail is as good today as it has ever been.

Maintaining a busy, popular Trail of this size is no easy task. Time and money are needed to ensure that the Trail is not only fit for use but will be here for future generations to use and enjoy.

So if you would like to help support us you can do so, by either becoming a Trail member or making a donation. Your help and support are greatly needed and very much appreciated!



Proud Partner with the Bay Treasure Chest

In conjunction with our seven other partners: Bay Rides, Bay Youth Hub, Community Centre Hub, Five Bridges, the Lions and Food Bank Community Hub,  Wilderness Heritage Trust, Seniors Association of St. Margaret’s Bay, and St. Margaret’s Bay Stewardship Association, we work collaboratively to raise funds that enable us to make St. Margaret’s Bay a strong and vibrant community.

Our vision

The St. Margaret’s Bay Area Rails to Trails Association (SMBARTA) manages and maintains the 32.5km of Trail that runs from Hubley to Hubbards for the benefit of residents and visitors. Our goal is to provide a safe and scenic route for active transportation and wellness activities.

On our Trail, courtesy counts! Our rules are designed to ensure an enjoyable experience for our users. Please adhere to the 20 km/h speed limit, cyclists please ring your bell as you approach walkers, and ATVers please slow down. Poop-bags are provided at some of the Trail access points, please clean-up after your pets and take it home. We do not have garbage cans. See also: Trail By-Laws


Board of Directors

Anne Patrick – Past Chair
Sue Bethune – Co-Chair
Denise Hicks – Co-Chair
Rick Muzyk – Vice-Chair
Rong Lu – Treasurer
Mike Marriott
Brenda Boutilier

Why not become a board member, to find out more click here.

Helga Guderley
Jacqui Tupper
Dianna Rievaj
Dan Flinn
Ben John
Suzanne Berryman

Rick Muzyk, Anne Patrick, Sue Bethune & Denise Hicks (l-r)

Walking, cycling, ATVing, horse-back riding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing and skiing – A Trail for everyone