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Not in Favor of Recently Voted Use of Trails by HRTA
– A letter to the editor of the Masthead News. Dear Editor, Earlier this year a majority of the Halifax Regional Trails Association (HRTA) member groups voted in favour of a motion promoting the concept of human-powered transportation only on...
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Vandalism and Dorian: Our Trail is Suffering!
In August, St. Margaret’s Bay Trail users were treated to a few weeks of perfection—the trail was smooth as silk as the many ravages of the winter storms had been repaired and the trail edges nicely cleared.Then came Labor Day...
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Rails to Trails Bridge Installed Over New Ingramport Connector
The new Rails to Trails bridge over the newly built connector that links Highwfay 3 and Highway 103 at Ingramport is now installed. Construction workers told Shauna Gratto that her family and friends were the first to cross the bridge....
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