Hubley section re-opened

The Hubley section has been be reopened. It was rolled today, grass seed applied and we are excited to be done.

While we have completed this, there is still crusher dust to go down, but that won’t happen until we get a good rain as to make it compact better.

We would like to thank Down 2 Dig Excavation as well as R MacKinnon Holdings for doing the work.

This will end our closures for the summer , we have another area to repair in the Ingramport/ Black Point area but that won’t commence until the Fall.

A few reminders for the users, as we have been gettting messages as of late

  1. Dogs are to be on leash , and owners are to pick up after their pets and take waste home.
  2. The speed is 20 kmh, this applies to cyclists and ATV’s.
  3. Cyclists , please ring your bell when overtaking pedestrians and don’t ride 2 wide.
  4. ATV’s are to be registered and insured with plate affixed to the back as to comply with the OHV Act . Our trail also now meets the new regulations with width at entrances , the max width of a side by side on all provincial rail corridors is 66 inches , this has been sent to us by the Dept . and they will post this as time goes on.
  5. Dirt bikes are not an approved user on SMBRTA.

We also use the pack it in , pack it out, please take your garbage home , it’s not the role of a small volunteer group to do this.
As always , if you see any issues that require enforcement you are to call 1-800-565-2224 to report, if it’s an emergency then call 911.

Have a good and safe long weekend


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