Improvements and Maintenance Continue on Rails to Trails

Improvements and maintenance are still taking place along the St. Margaret’s Bay Area Rails to Trails, says Rick Muzyk, vice chair and manager of Renewal and Maintenance.

“My budget for the season is to spend between $70,000 to $75,000 on trail surface upgrades,” he says.

The total so far is around $60,000 (as of September 20th). “For the rest of this year we will continue to undertake mowing and side cutting,” Rick added. “There is also a stretch of trail just east of Queensland Lane that will be upgraded this season.”

Hard working volunteers replace the decking on the Ingram River Bridge

Major work that has already been done includes the upgrading of the trail surface from Fitzroy Bridge to Queensland Lane, upgrading the trail surface from Boutiliers Point Road to Ingram River Bridge, upgrading the trail surface from Lewis Lake Trail Head to Hammonds Plains Road, and deck replacement on the Ingram River Bridge.