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It is only through the hard work and dedication of our community-based volunteer organization, the St. Margaret’s Bay Area Rails to Trails Association, and everyone that supports the Trail, that we are able to continue the work needed to keep it safely running for everyone.

If you feel that you would like to do something to make a difference and help, then why not become a member? Membership is free, however you can show your support through a donation of any denomination. Your financial contribution will enable our organization to keep preserving and improving our beloved trail. Donations can be made either by sending a cheque made out to St. Margaret’s Bay Area Rails-to-Trails Association at the address below, or by creating and account and paying online here. Paid Trail members can also benefit from being able to add events to our events calendar using their account login details.

You can also become part of our Trail sponsorship program too by downloading and sending us your completed sponsorship form below.

And don’t forget we also accept legacies too so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us either by post or by emailing us at


It is only through your kind help and support that we can continue to do what we do – and we need your help today!

Alternatively, if you would rather send us a letter about supporting us please feel free to send it to the address below.

St. Margaret’s Bay Area Rails to Trails Association
1-5229 St. Margaret’s Bay Road
Upper Tantallon, NS
B3Z 4R5

Your support and generosity are very much appreciated not only by the Trail Association but by everyone that comes to enjoy the Trail too – Thank you!

Our amazing financial supporters

We would like to thank every one of our amazing supporters who made very kind donations to our Trail upgrade fund, and ultimately made the recent Trail upgrade actually possible. It is only through help, support and very generous donations from people and comapnies alike that we are able to contine the work we do maintaining and managing the Trail for the benefit of everyone.

If you would like to read the full news article abou the Trail upgrade you can do so by clicking here.

With our thanks to:

ACOA – Bicycle Nova Scotia – Blue Route, Aspotogan Heritage Trust, Bay Treasure Chest Association, Five Bridges Wilderness Heritage Trust, Halifax Regional Municipality, J.D Shatford Memorial Trust, Matt Whitman – Councillor, Mountain Equipment Co-Op, Nova Scotia Power, NS Dept. of Culture – Communities & Heritage, NS Dept. of Engery and Mines, NS Dept. of Health & Wellness, OHV Infrastructure Fund, Safety-Minded ATV Association, St. Margaret’s Bay Regional Tourism Development Association, Tantallon Veterinary Hospital and TD Bank.