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The St. Margaret’s Bay Area Rails to Trails Association welcomes new members according to the following criteria stated in our Bylaws, briefly described below.  To read the entire Bylaws, please click here.

In order to become a member, a family, individual or organization shall:
i) Agree to abide by and comply with the By-laws and regulations of the Society
ii) Contribute annually to the support of the Society an amount which is not less than the Membership

The following shall be admitted to membership in the Society:

A) any individual or family wishing to be a voting member of the society must reside in the boundaries of Nova Scotia as follows: Halifax Regional Council Districts 11, 12 and 13 and Municipality of Chester Districts 1 and 2 and who upholds the objectives of the Society and contributes to the support of the Society an amount to be determined annually at the General Meeting. Such members will hold the membership designation of “Associate Member”. In the case of a family membership, the family will be entitled to just the one vote. There will be no proxy voting.

B) any individual, family or corporation wishing to support the society and who upholds the objects of the Society and contributes to the support of the Society an amount to be determined annually at the General Meeting will hold the membership designation of “Friends of the Society”. “Friends of the Society” will hold full privileges of membership to the Society with the exception of the right to vote at any Society Annual General Meeting, Special Meetings or in voting of Directors of the Society. “Friends of the Society” are not required to reside in the boundaries stated in 5a.

The membership dues for an individual or family membership is $10 and is collected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

NOTE:  Due to Covid restrictions and the State of Emergency in Nova Scotia this year, we will be holding a virtual AGM on Monday June 21st from 7-9pm.  In order to facilitate membership renewal and signing up of new members, we will be taking registration and payment online.  If you plan on attending the virtual AGM, please renew your membership by Monday June 14th and RSVP by sending an email to  You will then be sent the sign-on credentials for the AGM. Unfortunately, due to software limitations we can only accept 100 registrants.

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