Our Trail – Nova Scotia’s most scenic Trail

Hike, walk, bike, ride, cross country ski…on Nova Scotia’s most scenic trail… the St. Margaret’s Bay Trail.

Just 30 minutes outside downtown Halifax, between Hubley and Hubbards, our trail forms part of the South Shore 109 km Rum Runners’ Trail and connects not only to the Beechville, Lakeside, Timberlea (BLT) Trail and Hubbards’ Aspotogan Trail but the Chester Connector Trail as well.

Wildlife and flowers, trees and oceans, a truly stunning Trail

With freshwater and saltwater marshes, freshwater lakes and views over St. Margaret’s Bay that simply take your breath away, this Trail is a true natural gem. Discover local attractions and points of interest such as Jerry Lawrence Park, Indian River, Bay Lookout Park, Ingram River, and Cleveland Beach Provincial Park, and see just how much you can find as you make your way from Hubley to Hubbards and back again.

Deciduous and conifer trees border the Trail and beneath them flourish many wildflowers, ferns, and wild berry bushes. Birds include robins, chickadees, juncos, blue jays, and even the occasional bald eagle or osprey can be seen overhead. If you are lucky you may even see a glimpse of a deer, squirrel or muskrat, so don’t forget to take your camera along. You can also see evidence of Canada’s first builder, the beaver, in the gnawed trunks along the side of the Trail and at least one beaver lodge!

ATVers have fun on the Trail, but slow down for others

Whether you are a regular Trail user or want to explore a more active outdoor lifestyle, enjoying the Trail is easy, no matter what the season. From the freshness of spring when the buds start to come out and the heat of summer with hazy sunsets across the Bay, to the warm glow of fall with its falling leaves and the crisp cold of the winter snowy landscape, our Trail is a year-round wonderland.

Trail highlights

  • Panoramic elevated views
  • Brooks and streams
  • Freshwater lakes
  • Freshwater and saltwater marshes
  • Waterfalls and forests
  • Wildlife and birds – deer to Ospreys
  • Deciduous and coniferous trees
  • Wildflowers and berries – Lady slippers and Mayflowers to Blackberries
  • Indian River
  • Bay Lookout Park
  • Ingram River
  • Cleveland Beach
  • Queensland Beach
  • Interpretive panels about area’s rich history & ecology
  • 3% packed grade perfect for walkers and cyclists alike
  • Perfect in winter for cross-country skiing and snow-shoeing

If you see anything of concern along the Trail please get in touch with us immediately, simply click the button below. Or contact the RCMP at 1-902-490-5020 or Department of Environment Conservation Officers at 1-902-565-2224

And if you think you have seen an injured or orphaned wild animal you can contact Hope for Wildlife at 1-902-407-9453. Or for more information visit the Wildlife SOS page of their website.