Trail Closed for Safety Reasons

We are still closed, barricades and tape have been moved, placed back and moved again. The Barricades are for your safety. Our closure is under the order of the Nova Scotia Department of Resources and Renewables.

Assessment’s were done yesterday, while the area in Boutilier’s Point was impacted the most, until we receive a means to fund repairs, we are at a standstill. We are hopeful that we will hear from the Province today with funding.

As soon as we are given the green light work will begin repairs and when areas that can be opened are opened we will post information. Plans must be approved by the DNRR staff, and that also takes time.

A reminder that the BLT is also closed as is Chester on the other end and so on, we are not just the only group, the entire South Shore to Halifax trail system is impacted.

Thank you
the Board