Trail facilities – your guide to everything the Trail has to offer

Along the full 33 km of the Trail, you will find many different points of interest, local attractions, and amenities, toilets, places to enter and leave the Trail, parking facilities as well as places to eat and stay. So no matter how long you are on the Trail or where you start you can always be sure there are plenty of other things to do in and around the area.


Our interpretive panels

Here are a few of the highlights, for full locations and details please see our Trail map.

Trail entrances and exits
The Trail starts where it crosses Highway 3 in Hubley and ends where the Trail crosses Highway 3 in Hubbards. Additional Trail access points are the Connector to Jerry Lawrence Park, behind Redmond’s Plaza in Tantallon, The Bike and Bean Café and Station Road in Hubbards.

Trail parking
Parking is available at both Trailheads, at Jerry Lawrence Park, at Redmond’s Plaza, adjacent to The Bike and Bean Café, Station Road in Head of St. Margaret’s Bay and Station Road in Hubbards.

Toilets are available from June-October in Jerry Lawrence Park, a Port-a-Potty at the car park at Redmond’s Plaza, and an EcoLoo at the Ingramport Interchange.

Local attractions
Jerry Lawrence Provincial Park
Indian River
Head of St. Margaret’s Bay
Bay Lookout Park
Ingram River
Cleveland Beach Provincial Park
Queensland Beach

Information centres

Gas/service stations
Upper Tantallon

Upper Tantallon
Black Point

Boutilier’s Point – Bay Breeze Motel & Larinda’s Landing
Queensland – Surfside Inn
Hubbards – Dauphinee Inn, The Anchorage House & Hubbards Beach Campground and Cottages

Gift Shops
Upper Tantallon