Trail History

A fascinating history

Settlement of ‘The Bay’ started in the 18th century, and descendants of the original settlers continue to live here today – names like Boutilier, Christie, Dorey, Langille, Marriott, and Mason are well-known family names today that date back to those times.

In 1904 the railway line was built; it now forms the base of today’s Trail. The line was built to serve the Bay communities. Lumbering and sawmills were traditional industries, along with fishing and farming.

Ingramport Bay was a major base for tall ships that carried timber to distant countries and is one of the many popular scenic spots you can visit along the Trail.

Now, of course, the railway line is gone but the beauty of the area that attracted settlers all those years ago can still easily be seen along the Trail. From Hubley to Upper Tantallon, the Head of St. Margaret’s Bay, Masons Point, Boutilier’s Point, Ingramport, Black Point and right to Hubbards, every part of its 33 km has something to offer no matter how you use it.