Trail map – everything you need to know

Finding your way along the Trail

To discover all the facilities and points this Trail has to offer simply follow the map below from Hubley to Hubbards and back again. And to help you get the most out of the Trail our map is not only marked with entrance and exit points, car parking facilities, local attractions and points of interest but places to stop for something to eat too.

With so much to see and explore along the way, there has never been a better time to simply get out in the great outdoors, get some fresh air, see some beautiful sights and meet your fellow Trail users.

GPS co-ordinate key:

  • Hubley Trailhead
  • Round Lake viewpoint
  • Redmond’s Plaza parking
  • Bike and Bean
  • Head of St. Margaret’s access
  • Bay Lookout Park
  • Puddle Bridge
  • Cleveland Beach Park
  • Station Road in Hubbards
  • Hubbards Trailhead
Download the PDF version of the map below