Trail Re-opening Plan

We have gotten approval for the following in our re-opening plan, and while many are still recovering from the impact from the storm, many trail groups are navigating the major implications to the effects of the storm.

So here is what SMBRTA has proposed and was approved by the Dept this morning.

1. Hubley start of SMBRTA will open to Station Rd in Boutilier’s Pt .

2. Island View Dr to Hubbards will re-open

The reopening time is 6 pm tonight !!!

Island View Dr to Station Rd will remain closed, this received the most impact, there are many people involved including engineers, contractors as well as the Dept. This area will be a long closure until it’s repaired, inspected and safe for all trail users.

We as a group have had a lot of signage removed , thrown in the woods as well as the ripping down of tape . While this is not totally unexpected, it’s placed for YOUR protection against injury, we all want it open, but for now this is the best we can do for the Community we serve.

To all users especially Cyclists from the City, please note that the BLT Trail is closed by order of the Dept, and please use other trails i.e. Chain of Lakes until they are ready to reopen.

Chester Trail starting in Hubbards is also closed and they have also suffered many kilometres of damage, you can see both trail groups social media accounts and websites for updates.

Thank you to all who stayed off the trail, this has allowed contractors to work quicker to open sections that are passable and some caution is needed. While it’s not smooth and compacted, it’s passable, once all the major repairs are done, it will be regraded and compacted, but that is going to be done at a later date.