Volunteers Take Care of Garden next to Trail Parking Lot

A group of volunteers has been working on the Trail Garden next to the Trail Parking Lot off Sonny’s Road at the Crossroads.

Over several evenings, we have weeded, pruned and mulched the garden.

It is our goal to make it an attractive approach to the Trail and also a welcoming entrance to the neighbourhood for Trail users.  We hope that more passers by will be encouraged to come off the Trail, use the facilities provided (picnic table, bike rack, park benches, Porta-potty) and visit some of the local businesses in the neighbourhood.

Garden next to the parking lot off Sonny's Road
The volunteers pictured are (Left to right) Tammy Carew, Claudy Levy, Denise Hicks, Anne Patrick, Madison Carew, Suzanne Berryman